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Natural Stone makes an excellent building exterior. Wall clad natural stone covering the exterior of a building can create an architectural theme harkening back to the times of the Romans or it can create the trendiest, contemporary building in town. Natural Stone of all types are suitable for exterior use. With the proper installation products and systems, natural stone can be adhered to a building to create a breathtaking work of architecture. Natural Stone also creates a very structurally sound building. Marble, Granite, Slate, Travertine, & Limestone are all available in tile form or larger custom cut stone panels. Natural Stone can be used to cover not only building exteriors, but also items such as custom mailboxes and retaining walls. We hope you enjoy looking at the various natural stones available at Holmes Tile & Marble Co. For more information on natural stone and how it may be clad in exterior areas, stop by Holmes Tile & Marble in Jonesboro, AR, contact us online or by phone at 870-932-8011.

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