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Manufactured Stone is a man made product created with lightweight aggregates and Portland cement formed together in molds made from real natural stone. These lightweight stones have become very popular and are widely used throughout the building industry in all of America. Manufactured Stone available at Holmes Tile & Marble Co. comes in a multitude of styles such as chiseled fieldstone, limestone, ledgestone, river rock, Texas mission stone, tidal stone, & brick. Manufactured Stone is popularly used in buildings ranging from residential homes, to restaurants and shopping centers. Manufactured Stone is widely popular due to the fact that it gives the same appearance as stone or brick at a fraction of the cost. Manufactured Stone is used for areas such as building exteriors, retaining walls, interior accent walls, and fireplaces. The problem with manufactured stone in the past has been that when it came out, there were not detailed specifications on what setting methods were to be use. This failure combined with unqualified installers has caused many projects to be second rate, if not defective. Now, the tile industry has come to the forefront of this building material and its installation. Manufactured Stone is installed in the method that tile and stone is installed. Therefore, the tile and stone installers at Holmes Tile & Marble Co. are actually more qualified to install manufactured stone, as opposed to brick masons or random hourly workers. Holmes Tile & Marble Co. dedicates itself to the proper installation of manufactured stone by following the specified installation procedures. Holmes Tile and Marble Co. does this by using the masonry veneer installation systems by Laticrete. We hope you enjoy the wide range of manufactured stone we offer at Holmes Tile & Marble. For more information on manufactured stone, stop by Holmes Tile & Marble in Jonesboro, AR, contact us online or by phone at 870-932-8011.

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