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Holmes Tile & Marble Co. offers custom design services for your flooring needs when they require an extra artistic element.  Custom designed flooring available at Holmes Tile includes the following different services:

Custom Mosaic Tile Borders & Patterns
Mosaic tile is timeless flooring that can become a work of art by adding in artistic elements such as accent borders or patterns.  Mosaic tile borders and patterns can be created with any color or colors of mosaic tile.  Mosaic borders may be created in the field or by custom production depending on the intricacy of the border.  There is a wide selection of mosaic tile patterns available for use, but you can also create your own pattern and have it custom made.  If you can draw it, it can be made.
Custom Tile Murals

There are a variety of options when it comes to decorative tile murals available at Holmes Tile & Marble Co.  These options include mosaic tile murals, hand painted tile murals, & decal and silk screen tile murals.

Mosaic tile murals are the epitome of architectural tile artwork.  Mosaic tile can be used to create images of any sort for any setting.  What do you want to create?  Is it the logo or mascot of your school’s athletic team?  Maybe you want your company’s logo installed in the entryway of your business.  Maybe you want a glass tile mosaic of ocean life installed in the bottom of your swimming pool.

Not looking for mosaics?  Custom tile murals can be created with paintbrush strokes, as well.  These murals display art while utilizing tile as the canvas.   Images and graphics of all types can also be displayed using decal style graphics on tile pieces.  Whatever type of tile mural interests you, Holmes Tile offers the services and has the expertise to help you have your tile mural created and installed.

Water Jet Services
The technique of water jet cutting has made the sky the limit for flooring design.  By using a high pressure water stream, designs including borders, patterns, & even murals can be created in all types of flooring including tile, stone, vinyl, & rubber.

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